General English course

Course Book: Either New Headway English (NHE) or New English File (NEF) will form the foundation course in the general English program. This is taken by each student. The course material consists of four components: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There are six levels of general English, Beginner to Advanced, and we cater for all. There is more than just class work in our general English programme: field trips and recreational activities add to the students’ learning.

Language Awareness: This course is split into two parts; grammar and vocabulary. The former is designed to help students improve their grammar by analysing language structures which will enable students to improve in both formal written and informal spoken English. This course is extremely popular having been developed by the Director. In the latter students will spend their.

Reading: Students will begin by developing basic vocabulary and comprehension skills. Advanced levels will prepare students for college-level studies. The textbooks used range from picture dictionaries for the basic reading course to a complete English novel at the advanced level.

Listening: This course develops the students’ listening abilities. Class work include fun activities like listening to music over various media.

Pronunciation: Class time in small tutorials with a language teacher improving their understanding and pronunciation of spoken English while focussing on their individual needs. The course covers all the basic sounds of English which the student may be having difficulty with and the second level goes beyond the basic sounds to include intonation patterns of the language.

Writing: The emphasis in this course is to develop writing ability for academic purposes. Students in the beginning level will concentrate on basic sentence structures and general writing. As the students move up through the levels they learn to develop sensible and effective cohesion and coherence.

Speaking: This course develops the students’ conversational abilities. Class work includes individual, pair, and small group work covering a range of topics during presentations, drama, and many other interactive activities.

Group Activities: Students are given the opportunity to spend some time with students from other levels. Students practise and improve their abilities together while getting an opportunity to learn more about each other. All of this happens under the supervision and with the guidance of our qualified teachers.