Private lessons

Private lessons are for those students who wish to specialise in a particular area of English, for example: business letter writing, public speaking, English grammar etc. The results are much quicker as the teacher and student can concentrate on only the areas of English that are needed. We assess your present level of English. Together with your English needs, a suitable course will be developed.

The following contracts are offered:

10, 20, 40, 60 and 100 hours

If we select a course book, you will be required to purchase this. If the course is likely to contain a lot of photocopied work, students will be charged seperately for all copies.

Hours of study:
Lessons are booked directly between the teacher and the student. If a student needs to cancel a lesson, they are to contact the teacher personally at least 24 hours in advance. The teacher can then re-schedule the lesson and the student does not lose this time. If this is not possible, the student will forfeit the lesson.

Duration of the course:
This will depend on how often you meet with the teacher, and for how long each lesson is.

Venue for lessons:
Private lessons will be booked at the school. In special circumstances we will come to your place of work or home. There may be an additional charge for this. However, where possible, it is recommended that students come to the school as they are less likely to have interruptions and will therefore be able to study more efficiently.