Real Life Practice

The Real Life Practice Program focuses on developing strong English speaking and pronunciation skills with opportunity for use in real-life situations. If you need English in your professional lifes you will find this program particularly helpful. Courses are taught by fully qualified and experienced instructors. Three terms are offered annually, each consisting of 15 weeks full time tuition. There are three modules in each level. Entry is permitted to any module at any session, subject to a qualifying test. There are no other pre-requisites for this program. Modules may be taken independently or in combination, depending on the amount of time students wish to remain in the program.

Course Content
Students have the option of choosing up to 30 hours per week from the following courses:

Core Courses:
General English (see General English classes) Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Reading and Writing – 10 hrs./wk.
Communication Speaking, Listening and Pronunciation – 5 hrs./wk.
Language Awareness Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary – 5 hrs./wk

Individual Sessions:
Students enjoy the luxury of a private teacher of 10 hrs./wk specialising in the following fields:

  • Academic English (high school or university),
  • Tourism English and
  • Business English